My Favourite Perfume Picks for Spring!

It’s March 1st and even though the weather is still very cold (and England is in the middle of another storm!) the sight of occasional blossom this week has got me very excited for spring! I love this time of year and because I don’t want to rush from one season to another I’ve deliberately held off from buying daffodils or Easter chocolate so far. However I feel like the first day of this month rings in a new start. I like spring in that it means milder weather but not the heat that summer (sometimes!) brings. I’m also easily swayed by the bright colours and flowers in the shops as well as the hot cross buns! I have been thinking about the perfumes that most suit springtime and here is the selection I decided upon.

My Favourite Perfume Picks for Spring!
Honey by Marc Jacobs

I have had the Honey scent on display in our bathroom for a while and every now then I have looked at it and thought how I would wait until this time of year to wear it again. The scent is beautiful and in my opinion, smells a little different on everyone. It’s one that gets a lot of compliments and the blend of honey with vanilla and pear works really well.

Tiffany & Love by Tiffany

Tiffany & Love is relatively new to my collection as it was part of our “his’n’hers” gifts to each other for Valentine’s Day. Along with being a brilliant (and conveniently timed) gift for that occasion, I think the packaging and pretty scent are perfect for spring. I love the Tiffany-blue so mine is displayed proudly in its box! The grapefruit and basil in this scent make it refreshing and not too heavy for this time of year.

Pink Peony and Cashmere by Bloom

I love this range! Having had several of the miniature scents in an advent calendar in 2018, Sam surprised me with Bloom’s 24 piece gift set as an advent calendar last year too. I have made an effort to wear this one as sometimes with my new scents it can take me a while to start wearing them often. This pretty peony scent is too good to ignore though and I love the classic, simple bottles.

Blossom by Jimmy Choo

I got this perfume for my birthday in 2015 and I’m so pleased with it. The scent includes notes of sweet pea, rose and musk and it smells as pretty as the pink of the bottle looks. It’s so perfect for spring and I love to spray lots of it. It was my scent of choice when we went to Devon for the weekend last year and now it reminds me of that time.

Covet Pure Bloom by Sarah Jessica Parker

I have so much love for the original Covet so it would seem a little strange if I didn’t enjoy Pure Bloom too. This one snuck into my weekly rotation last week and I had missed it so much.,,it’s beautiful! Tuberose can be a difficult note for me (a little headache inducing) but in this one I love it and it’s mixed well with amber and sandalwood. Plus…it’s lilac! It’s so perfect and once again really smells as pretty as it looks.

Spring Reign by Katy Perry

With a name like “Spring Reign”, this one had to make the list. This is a serious compliment-getter because it is extremely floral and pretty. It took a little while for the bottles of this range to grow on me but I think they work well with the pastel coloured perfumes. Spring Reign has notes of pink freeesia and gardenia.

Have you tried any of these perfumes? Which perfumes do you like to wear in spring?

Sarah xx

My Favourite Perfumes with a Coffee Note!

My Favourite Perfumes with a Coffee Note!

I think I first realised how much I enjoyed a coffee note when I smelt Black Opium. Some fellow perfume lovers had talked a lot about much they loved the coffee note in the fragrance and that played a big part in my wanting to try it. Now it seems it was also in some of my other perfumes all along! Now it’s kind of something I seek out which is why I have added a couple of lovely body mists to my collection too.

Black Opium by YSL

This scent is amazing! I love how the smell reminds me of the perfume section in a department store – maybe that’s because I feel like it’s something that could have been around in the nineties when I was first trying out perfume. Aswell as coffee, the notes also include pink pepper, patchouli, cedar and vanilla. The lasting power is great and I know that this will now be among my favourites for wearing in winter. The price is a little more than I would usually pay but I think it’s worth it for what feels like a classic scent and a luxurious bottle.

Rebelle by Rihanna

I have so much love for this perfume! There isn’t actually a Rihanna perfume that I don’t like but this one is my favourite. The scent is so warm and creamy. There are notes of strawberry, ginger, plum, vanilla and cocoa. It’s somehow summery and wintery at the same time, while I think it’s perfect for evening wear in any case.

Tropical Beach + Espresso by Impulse

This is one of my most recent purchases but I had been wanting it for a while. Tropical Beach + Espresso smells so good! The espresso is stronger than what I believe to be fruitiness but I love it that way and have enjoyed wearing and revisiting this a lot this month. I love that you can buy such amazing scents and combinations affordably!

Private Show by Britney Spears

Now this is a perfume that has really grown on me. It’s pretty and by Britney, so of course I bought it when it was first launched – but I didn’t love it. One of my friends from the perfume community had said that she really liked it for its espresso note and that made me revisit my own bottle. Once I could detect the coffee note, I appreciated it so much more! I have worn Private Show recently and enjoyed spraying lots of it throughout the day.

Prerogative by Britney Spears

Unlike my last choice, this is a perfume I did love from the beginning. Prerogative hasn’t yet made it to my top five Britney fragrances but it would definitely be in the top ten. I was happy to hear before it’s release that it was unisex scent, and I love the combination of apricot, espresso foam and sandalwood. I wear Prerogative quite often and have recently added the flanker, Prerogative Rave, to my collection.

Exotic by Layering Lab

I talk A LOT about the Layering Lab fragrances on my instagram page. They are so good and amazing value. They’re about £4 each yet I have collected a few of mine for £1.98 each on offer. They are said to be dupes of some well known fragrances and I’ll vouch that Exotic smells a lot like Black Opium and therefore it has made my list of perfumes with a coffee note. I enjoy all of the scents on their one but have recently started to combine and layer them too.

What scents have you tried with a coffee note? Have you tried any on this list?

Let me know,

Sarah xx

Gift Ideas: Perfumes for Valentine’s Day!

Whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is upon us and after spotting some very cute and feminine perfumes on my dressing table, I thought I would share the fragrances that I think would make perfect Valentine’s gifts for her.

Gift Ideas: Perfumes for Valentine’s Day…
Daisy Love Eau So Sweet

First up is Daisy Love Eau So Sweet. I have always loved the Daisy bottles and have had a couple of other Daisy scents in the past. However because there have been quite a few (and sometimes limited edition) releases, I haven’t always kept up with the latest ones. I’m so glad Sam surprised me with this one last year because the scent is beautiful. I feel like I can smell white chocolate but the notes actually include white raspberry, jasmine milk and sugar musk. With its gorgeous, ornamental bottle, this would make an amazing present for someone.

Bon Bon by Viktor & Rolf

I chose Bon Bon as a potential Valentine’s gift both for the scent and the bottle. The girly bow shape is so nice to display and the scent is very sweet (as you’d expect from the name!) with notes of caramel, mandarin, peach and amber.

Fancy Love by Jessica Simpson

I love how the first few bottles from the Jessica Simpson line have a real vintage feel to them. The font, white bottle and gold cap of this one make it the perfect addition to a dressing table and the scent is equally feminine with its peach and peony notes. Plus the name “Fancy Love” makes it an even more perfect gift for Valentine’s Day!

Curious by Britney Spears

You don’t have to be a Britney fan to love her perfumes! I have chosen another classic and very feminine bottle with “Curious”. The perfume was launched 15 years ago so is kind of a new classic and with its mix of pear, magnolia and vanilla it’s floral rather than being particularly “young” or sweet. I also think the unique packaging of this one helps make it an exciting and special gift.

Intimate Fantasy by Britney Spears

Intimate Fantasy smells incredible. It’s romantic and musky with notes of litchi and violet leaf. The bottle is so pretty; girly yet different with its white colour and subtle pink stones! Fans of sweet scents will definitely love this one.

thank u,next by Ariana Grande

Now even though the name doesn’t suggest romance with this choice, the scent won’t disappoint! “thank u, next” is fruity and sweet with notes of pear,raspberry and macaroon. The heart may be broken, but it is still pink, girly and very cute! This scent really is addictive and would make a lovely gift.

Miss Dior Cherie by Dior

Miss Dior Cherie is among the more expensive perfumes in my selection but it is certainly a popular choice with perfume fans. The bottle has such a luxury look and feel to it and is likely to be one that is displayed proudly! The scent has notes of pink jasmine, strawberry sorbet and patchouli. You don’t need to spray as much as with some fragrances so it should be quite long lasting.

What perfume will you be wearing on Valentine’s Day? Which perfumes would make great Valentine’s Day gifts?

Sarah xx

The First Ten Perfumes I Ever Owned!

I thought I would go back to the beginning and share the first perfume I owned at 13 right through to the ones I took with me to university! To think that in those days, while living in halls of residence, house mates would come into my room and remark on how much perfume I had…

The First Ten Perfumes I Ever Owned…
ck be by Calvin Klein

So the first perfume I owned was ck be. It was 1997 and I had asked for it for Christmas. ck one had proven very popular and yet when I tried ck be, most likely in a department store in my local town centre, I preferred it. I actually still love the smell and think it must be the cedar that stands out for me. I am partial to a unisex scent in any case and really want to buy a bottle of this again. I love how it takes me right back to that Christmas, crimping my hair with a Babyliss hair appliance and the Spice Girls being at number one…

Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger

I feel like perfumes samples in the nineties were more often than not the little vials as opposed to a tiny dab of scent when you pulled back a foil sticker…and I much preferred it! I had a Tommy Girl sample which I very happily took into school and showed my friends. I remember us smelling it in the corridors and it was so exciting waiting to actually own a bottle. In fact I remember the ad campaigns in magazines and feeling excited to even try it. I’ve always had a bottle since but must admit that mine could do with replacing…I would probably be more inclined to wear it then. I’ve since had a summer edition and I really enjoy Tommy Girl 10 aswell.

Hot by United Colours of Benetton

I can’t remember what led me to try this one but I know it was quite inexpensive. The scent is spicy and it smells a lot like Rise by Beyonce. The notes include mandarin,jasmine and orange.

Polo Sport Woman by Ralph Lauren

I received Polo Sport for my 14th birthday. I love how so many of the perfumes in my first ten reflect the sporty,nineties vibes. I even drew this bottle as part of an art project where I had to show a selection of things that I felt represented me! I really liked the smell at at the time but I do think the range that I had tried then was quite limited, so I was probably influenced by the brand names and advertisements.

Hugo Woman by Hugo Boss

I really did enjoy the smell of Hugo Woman and it’s one I used to revisit and sample in shops. My friend bought it for my birthday and I kept the bottle for as long as I could before deciding it didn’t smell like it used to. This shares the cedar note along with ck be and Tommy Girl…it must be a 90s thing!

Romance by Ralph Lauren

Romance was my favourite perfume for a long time. I got a bottle of it from my parents for my 15th birthday and with its water lily and carnation notes it was the most feminine scent I had owned so far. I had many replacements of it and only enjoyed it slightly less when there were so many other new scents to choose from. Sadly a very painful headache and the strong smell of it on my clothes was what ended my love of it but I have enjoyed lots of other Ralph Lauren scents.

Charlie Red by Revlon

I love how fondly people talk about the Charlie perfumes. Everyone it seems has a favourite and even better, they’re so cheap and still available to buy. A male friend surprised me by buying this for me for Christmas and I loved it. It reminds me of winter,coats and that whole time! The notes of violet, peach, amber and sandalwood work so well together.

Boudoir by Vivienne Westwood

I believe I got a sample of this in the summer when I was 16. I loved it instantly and again this is one which reminds me of coats and winter! It was so different to anything I had smelt and it was a whole year (well I was a teenager!) before it was part of my collection. It has remained in my collection ever since and I still wear it now. The notes include red rose,carnation and cinnamon – just beautiful,

Cristobal by Balenciaga

I was handed a card with Cristobal by Balenciaga sprayed on to it on a trip to Selfridges. I loved it – simple. It was so unusual-smelling and I find it funny to think there’s this aspect my taste – especially from such a young age – when now I own so many sweet and fruity concoctions! I must admit I kept on at my parents to buy me a bottle when I found it on holiday with them in Guernsey the next year. I was happy when I found out that Michelle from the pop group Liberty X was also a fan…no one else seemed to have heard of it! I’m so sad that this one has been discontinued. The notes are carnation,fig leaf,freesia and vanilla.

Baby Rose Jeans by Versace

I don’t remember buying this one,but I do know that I was 17 and took it with me on a sixth form school trip to Berlin. It’s so pretty and given the notes,it’s not surprising; orange,peach,violet,rose,vanilla and musk. Again, this has been discontinued and I just can’t understand why! I love seeing other people’s throwback pictures of the different coloured tins in the range. I do like the red edition so might have to purchase that one day.

Did you own any of these? What perfumes started your collection? Let me know in the comments,

Sarah xx

The Perfumes I love to Wear in Winter.

As soon as September starts it seem that everyone naturally looks to Christmas and the season ahead…I’ve done exactly the same this year and can’t wait to be wearing a big winter coat and embracing cosy vibes at home! The weather hasn’t quite adjusted to the winter theme yet but I’ve already been thinking about the perfumes I love to wear when it’s cold outside.I know there are some really good ones out there that I haven’t featured so please suggest any that are perfect for this theme.

The Perfumes I Love to Wear in Winter
Just Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli

The smell of this perfume is amazing and it reminds me of when I bought it on a trip to a New York. It is strong and somehow spicy…the sort of perfume you’d smell on somebody else and then ask what they were wearing!I personally find it perfect for winter but it could work nicely for evening wear at any time of year too.

Boudoir by Vivienne Westood

This perfume is very important to me because it definitely helped me to become as passionate about perfume as I am now!I must have been about 16 when I first got a sample and then my mum bought it for me in London as that seemed to be the only place we could get hold of it. Some of the notes include mandarin,red rose and carnation,but it is surely the cinnamon,vanilla and tobacco that make the overall effect so warm. It reminds me of the black coat I had when I first owned a bottle…it’s just such a perfect scent for when it’s cold as it’s warm and has so much depth! I remember getting a few compliments when I wore it frequently and writing this is making me want to wear it again.

Twilight by Sarah Jessica Parker

O.K. I once said that this reminds me of how a winter coat would smell. Whereas Boudoir reminds me of when I wore a certain coat! So I guess there’s something in the fact that our perfumes do linger on our clothes,jackets and coats. I don’t want to put you off with the word “musty” as I’m sure that’s meant to be a negative but there’s something really classic about this smell. The notes include bergamot,peony and musk.

Velvet Hour by Kate Moss

When I write “Five Perfumes I Wish I Could Bring Back”, this will be one of them! I think the Velvet Hour bottle looks so classic and pretty…like something Dior might design! The scent has a pepper note with freesia and amber. The overall effect is woody and smoky so you can see how it got its name and suits evening and in my opinion,winter wear.

Christina Aguilera by Christina Aguilera

This is a beautiful fragrance and for me the jasmine has always been the most distinctive note. It also contains plum,peony and vanilla and while it’s not particularly wintery, it kind of falls into that category for me because I can’t imagine wearing it in summer.

Bon Bon by Viktor & Rolf

Caramel,peach,sandalwood…if I didn’t already have a bottle of Bon Bon I’d be rushing out to get one after reading those notes! This scent is so sweet and so pretty. My only slight issue with it is that sometimes the bottle shape makes it hard to spray, but I think I’d rather have that issue and keep the lovely bow as it is!Once again this is more about my experience of the perfume than it being designed to be wintery; I think it just works well for me in the colder weather.

What perfume do you reach for when the weather turns? Which perfumes remind you of winter?

I’d love to hear from you,Sarah xx

My Top Five Fragrances for Evening!

There are definitely those perfumes everyone has that suit going out in the evening more than they do a summer’s day or a day at work! Of course sometimes we find those scents that are good for all occasions but my top five today are those perfumes that I really love to wear for an evening out or occasion.

My Top Five Fragrances for Evening

1️⃣. 212 Sexy by Carolina Herrera

I have so much love for this perfume!My first main memory of it was taking it on holiday in 2006.As I wrote that I realised that does kind of contradict my evening wear theory but this one really worked!It has such a beautiful smell and contains notes of caramel,pink pepper and musk.It is my go-to perfume for every special occasion now and because of that it reminds me of a lot of good times.I’m so glad it’s still available and it’s worth trying if you haven’t already.

2️⃣.Rebelle by Rihanna

While 212 is always my choice for special occasions, Rebelle has definitely been the choice for lots of dinner and drinks kind of evenings.I think this is my third bottle now and I think the notes of ginger,plum,vanilla and cocoa are so perfect together.There is something really warm and exotic about this that makes it so perfect for evening wear.

3️⃣. Gold by Kim Kardashian

I love this perfume! It was launched in 2009 and I bought it after I had already tried Kim’s first fragrance. This one is so much more my kind of thing.I was thinking how I find it really watery and refreshing and then I read a description of the notes that seemed to suggest that this had been the intention when it was created. There is a “burst” of bergamot, “dewy” violet and musk at the heart. There is something very glamorous about the overall composition and I’d say that the scent matches the bottle.

4️⃣. Can Can by Paris Hilton

I have always said that this scent smells like parties! It’s really fun,sparkly and sweet and was my evening choice around 2008-2010. The notes include nectarine,wild orchid and amber.Like a lot of Paris Hilton perfumes,this one has stuck around and can you can also buy a “Burlesque” flanker.

5️⃣. Glamorous by Ralph Lauren

I couldn’t possibly have written my list without this one.In 2003,when I had about eight perfumes in total, this was my evening choice. It’s probably a *little* like Kim Kardashian’s Gold now that’s on my mind but sadly since it has been discontinued I have not found anything close enough to it! If I could bring one perfume back, this would be it without a doubt. The notes include rose,arum lily and clementine but it is the attempt at a cashmere effect which is meant to have made it unique. I was living in Leeds at the time that I wore this so smelling it reminds me of that time. That’s another thing…as you can see I have my bottle as I can’t bear to part with it. After so long it doesn’t smell the same, but I’m sort of keeping it in hope that it’ll magically mean that it is relaunched one day!

What are your favourite perfumes for evening wear? Do you remember Glamorous by Ralph Lauren? Are there any perfumes that you wish could be relaunched?

I’d love to hear from you, Sarah xx

My Top Five Summer Fragrances!

So I have been absolutely loving sorting out my perfumes this week,from colour combinations to bottle designs and now a top five!This will be a theme I have and if there are any top five ideas you’d like to see,let me know in the comments!

Summer perfumes range from light and airy to anything that is reminiscent of the beach.Having decided my top five I’ve realised that my summer perfumes have some themes;warm,slightly spicy and smelling like something you could drink!These scents are amazing for hot days but I do like to wear something strong and summery in the colder months occasionally for a bit of a boost.

My Top Five Summer Fragrances

1️⃣.Acqua by Roberto Cavalli

This scent is just gorgeous.I bought it as soon as it was launched having already bought the original and I wasn’t disappointed.It’s similar enough to feel part of the line yet the lemon really brings it into the summer genre.I took this on a holiday to Spain and to me it smells like being by the water.It has a warmth to it and is perfect for day or evening.It usually gets compliments and even better,the bottle looks lovely on display.

2️⃣.Heat by Beyoncé

The smell of this will always take me back to my holiday in Chicago,which happens to be one of my favourite places in the world.OK,this sounds as though I’m always away but these are holiday scents and one way I boosted my collection without spending crazy amounts was to use holiday money to treat myself to new perfumes!Heat is just that. The notes include vanilla,tonka bean and amber and the effect is warm and spicy.I think this smells so lovely on the skin and I’d be interested to try the other Heat perfumes in the range.

3️⃣.Halle by Halle Berry

This scent is the beach in a bottle.Even the colour of the liquid reminds me of sand.I think it has been discontinued which is a shame because it’s so pretty.This reminds me of when I first bought it circa 2010 but also a lovely holiday to Venice last year.The notes include fig,mimosa and sandalwood.

4️⃣.Sweet Delicious Key Lime Pie by DKNY

This one is another collector of compliments!It does have a distinct lime smell and even though I love it I guess the reason it isn’t number 1 is I suppose it isn’t your usual kind of summer fragrance.I love wearing this because it’s so refreshing and I was happy to see a lime scent appear in the new DKNY Pool Party collection.

5️⃣.Sunkissed Glow by J Lo

Isn’t this bottle pretty?I have a few of the Glow perfumes (note to self;repurchase the original Glow!) and I love the way this one looks.I think it was the summer of 2010 I was wearing this a lot and I love coming back to it because to me it’s a nicely done coconut scent.If you like this one you’ll also enjoy Miami Glow.

Do you have perfume that you prefer to wear in summer?Do you have any summer editions of well-known scents?

I’d love to hear from you, Sarah xx

What I got for my birthday…

On Tuesday 13th August I celebrated my birthday and was so happy to receive four lovely new perfumes.I have loved trying them this week and wanted to share my thoughts with you.

My new perfumes

I love how they look together!

I must admit as far as my family were concerned,I did give some suggestions for presents!My mum asked me what I would like for my birthday a few weeks ago and with #sarahsperfumewishlist over on Instagram it’s never hard for me to name a perfume I’d like to add to my collection.Then on a Debenhams browse I discovered a couple of perfumes I loved and before I knew it there was more on the list.

Be Delicious Pool Party Mai Tai

I discovered the Pool Party collection and could have happily purchased all three of the fragrances!Mai Tai had the edge for me and I’d say if the colour pink had a smell then this would be it!This scent evokes the feeling of holidays and is just so pretty.The notes include pink pepper,orange oil,a peach accent and amber.This was a present from my parents and I wore it the day after my birthday!

Bye Bye Blues by Juicy Couture

I found this while on my lunch break and didn’t waste much time in sending a picture of it to my sisters!I love the aquatic notes and it smells as good as it looks.I like pretty much all of the Juicy Couture perfumes and look forward to trying the others from the “Rock the Rainbow” collection.

Daisy Love Eau So Sweet by Marc Jacobs

I follow Marc Jacobs Fragrances on Instagram and looking at the beautiful pictures of the bottles seriously makes me want to try and buy the scents.I hadn’t yet got round to this week and am so happy that this is the one my boyfriend chose for me!It’s really pretty and as a complete throw back reminds me of Wrapped with Love by Hilary Duff…please let me know if you remember that one!I wore this on my birthday and was pleased with how well it lasted on my skin.

Reb’l Fleur Love Always by Rihanna

I am a huge fan of the Rihanna fragrances so when I spotted this at the start of the year I knew I would end up adding it to my collection.The scent is musky and very fruity,just like the original Reb’l Fleur.This one is said to be stronger but as it’s more of an evening scent in my opinion I’m yet to wear it properly but will do very soon.

I’m so happy with the new bottles.Have you tried any of these yet?Do you have any scents by the same brands?I’d love to hear from you.

Love Sarah xx