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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

I really love this time of year…the flowers, the longer days and the promise of lots of Easter chocolate. Whether you’re looking to celebrate Mother’s Day or not, here are some perfumes which will make great gifts for family or special friends and at a range of price points. The first perfume on my listContinue reading “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas”

So…? Unique Event

Discover Your Scent… Last week I attended a So…? Unique event in London. I had been looking forward to the day which was set to include a masterclass with Nick Gilbert on how best to layer scents from the brand’s Unique range. The aim of the class would be to discover your perfect combination ofContinue reading “So…? Unique Event”

My Favourite Unisex Perfumes!

For the last few years I’ve considered my taste in perfume to fall into a few different categories; gourmand, super sweet (I realise there can be overlap with those two!), ‘unusual’, ‘woody’ and unisex. I think for another time I also need to talk about the scents that I would place in the unusual category!Continue reading “My Favourite Unisex Perfumes!”

The Ones I Used to Own!

This week I have thought about all the perfumes I’ve owned previously and no longer have in my collection! A lot of these scents come to mind when I see others posting reviews of them, or of course even just when I’m browsing the shops as is the cases with the ones that are stillContinue reading “The Ones I Used to Own!”

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