My Favourite Perfume Picks for Spring!

It’s March 1st and even though the weather is still very cold (and England is in the middle of another storm!) the sight of occasional blossom this week has got me very excited for spring! I love this time of year and because I don’t want to rush from one season to another I’ve deliberatelyContinue reading “My Favourite Perfume Picks for Spring!”

Gift Ideas: Perfumes for Valentine’s Day!

Whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is upon us and after spotting some very cute and feminine perfumes on my dressing table, I thought I would share the fragrances that I think would make perfect Valentine’s gifts for her. First up is Daisy Love Eau So Sweet. I have always loved theContinue reading “Gift Ideas: Perfumes for Valentine’s Day!”

The Perfumes I love to Wear in Winter.

As soon as September starts it seem that everyone naturally looks to Christmas and the season ahead…I’ve done exactly the same this year and can’t wait to be wearing a big winter coat and embracing cosy vibes at home! The weather hasn’t quite adjusted to the winter theme yet but I’ve already been thinking aboutContinue reading “The Perfumes I love to Wear in Winter.”