My Top Ten Celebrity Perfumes Right Now!

I’m no stranger to the celebrity perfume market. I think it all started for me because of how much attention there used to be around each and every launch. I didn’t quite get into J Lo Glow the first time around in 2003 (and the Elizabeth Taylor launches were before my time) but when theContinue reading “My Top Ten Celebrity Perfumes Right Now!”

My Favourite Unisex Perfumes!

For the last few years I’ve considered my taste in perfume to fall into a few different categories; gourmand, super sweet (I realise there can be overlap with those two!), ‘unusual’, ‘woody’ and unisex. I think for another time I also need to talk about the scents that I would place in the unusual category!Continue reading “My Favourite Unisex Perfumes!”

New Brand Review – Niche 4 All

I spotted the ‘Niche 4 All’ minimalist bottles online at the end of January and I was intrigued by the brand name. I wondered what would set these scents apart from other brands and how they really would compare to ‘niche” quality. After a chat with Johan I chose three of the scents to review.Continue reading “New Brand Review – Niche 4 All”

How I Find Perfumes at Affordable Prices!

My collection of perfume is bigger than most people’s. Of course this means I have parted with the cash over the years but, there genuinely have been times when my claims of “I really don’t spend that much on it!” have been true! I decided to break this down into what are hopefully handy tipsContinue reading “How I Find Perfumes at Affordable Prices!”

All The Perfume…How It All Began!

I wanted to start my weekly posts with something that shows how and when (and maybe a little ‘why’) I came to have so many perfumes along with the more personal memories along the way. Next week I will finally be counting how many I have – at the moment!- which I don’t think I’veContinue reading “All The Perfume…How It All Began!”