Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

I really love this time of year…the flowers, the longer days and the promise of lots of Easter chocolate. Whether you’re looking to celebrate Mother’s Day or not, here are some perfumes which will make great gifts for family or special friends and at a range of price points.

Iridescent by Tabitha Webb

The first perfume on my list is quite new on the scene. I always find it quite exciting to receive a perfume which has just been launched; I’m always searching the archives to replace and discover old gems, so when Sam discovers a new perfume and surprises me it feels like an extra treat. This is an added reason to gift this to someone this weekend! Iridescent is the second launch from Tabitha Webb and the beautiful rainbow-shaped bottles certainly get lots of attention among perfume lovers in my reviews. The scent itself is a white floral with added notes of rhubarb, orange and salted vanilla. When I say that this is a ‘safe’ choice I mean it in the nicest possible way – I’ve noticed that lots of people I interact with seem to enjoy white florals and there is a classic, ‘signature scent’ feel to the perfumes which embrace these notes. As an added bonus, for every bottle of Iridescent or Colour (Tabitha’s first perfume) sold, £2.50 is donated to ‘GOSH’. This is a charity that supports seriously ill children who are cared for at Great Ormond Street Hospital which has added poignancy on Mother’s Day.

Jimmy Choo EDT by Jimmy Choo

My next suggestion has a luxe feel to it yet sells for £20 at B & M stores at the moment. I don’t know how you feel, but being able to buy gifts without necessarily facing a town centre is quite appealing! Jimmy EDT is light and fresh – great for this time of year. It has pear, rose, ginger and woody notes. The green notes are enjoyable too and I think this pretty bottle would be lovely to give and receive as a gift.

Mine Again by Mariah Carey

I’m so pleased to say that my next recommendation is selling for a mere £2.75! I actually had to do a double take when I saw the price. The bottle on sale (and the one pictured which I own) is 15ml and the scent is very well-done. There are notes of magnolia, chocolate, vanilla, orange and sandalwood. It’s sweet yet wearable and I LOVE the fact that there is also a cotton candy note. I think the bottle is cute and not too distracting from the scent. I have included the link below and it’s also worth knowing that the 100ml bottle is on sale for £19.99.


Joy by Dior

Joy has been one of my favourite perfume presents. For me it was my wedding perfume and a gift from Sam, but I know my sister is a big fan of the fragrance and I was thinking how lovely it would be to receive on Mother’s Day. It’s of course more expensive than some of my other choices, but not outrageously so. I feel like Joy has a really unusual feel to it. It projects well and gets even better on the skin throughout the day. I love the peach in the top of the scent and anything with sandalwood gets my vote. There is also mandarin, cedar, jasmine and patchouli.

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

My last choice is one I’ve bought a few times as a gift because my sisters and my mum are also fans of the scent. I feel this shows how Lovely can suit different ages and a wide range of tastes; Catherine and I certainly aren’t similar in everything we like! Lovely has a classic-looking bottle and it’s another scent which projects really well. The notes include musk, lavender, patchouli and apple martini. You can find some really nice gift sets too which include lotions, the showergel or rollerball minis. It’s easy to find a bottle of Lovely for less than £20 and yet it feels like a real treat to receive.

I’d love to know if any of these scents appeal to you. Will you be buying any fragrance treats for someone special?

Love Sarah xx

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