So…? Unique Event

Discover Your Scent…

Last week I attended a So…? Unique event in London. I had been looking forward to the day which was set to include a masterclass with Nick Gilbert on how best to layer scents from the brand’s Unique range. The aim of the class would be to discover your perfect combination of top,middle and base notes.

The suite at Mortimer House was set out so beautifully with each of the 13 scents matched to a different pick’n’mix scent!

Sweets for every scent!
A perfect match of purples…

So even though my eyes lit up at the table of sweets, I was happy to be able to go and chat to Nick and Sam from Essence PR soon after I arrived. We got talking about some of our favourite scents and how it all started for each of us with our love of fragrance.

Nick Gilbert led the master class

Each of the places were set with all of the scents in the Unique range. I must admit I hadn’t realised there were as many as 13! I’m a huge fan of the So…? scents and had bought a couple of bits from the bath range for my friend’s birthday the week before. I had been telling Sam about a body spray I received (along with a box of Maltesers!) from a friend at Christmas circa 1998! It was a beautiful scent – spicy and warm – and if the brand ever want to bring back my beloved ‘So…there!’ I would be very happy indeed! After a few different chats like this throughout the afternoon it seems that everyone there had teen memories of the So…? scents.

A Polaroid of my childhood bedroom shows the much-loved So…there!

So back to the master class! I had the pleasure of sitting next to Suzy Nightingale and it was lovely to chat favourites with her. We were given a cute book full of blotters and a notepad and it was time to test the scents while Nick talked us through their notes.

It turns out I did need a LOT of blotters!
Notepad obsessed!

Even though the scents I *really* loved didn’t surprise me (think gourmand and super sweet) there were indeed some surprises in the range as a whole. For example, despite having an up and down relationship with white florals, I really enjoyed the subtle and well done ‘White Floral’ body mist from the range . The ‘Sweet Amber’ scent looked so inviting on the table and I just had to give it a proper chance at home; I can report that it’s such a good scent for this time of year and I love the caramel note in it.

A lovely ‘scent of the night’ for November…

After lots of testing my final, favourite combination was: Truffle Cream, Sugar Plum and Cashmere. Each of the scents are so good individually but there is something so good about layering and the feeling that you have something more personal to your taste.

My perfect combination!

I was also wowed by the amazing ‘Vanilla Candy’ – I believe that if you love the Ariana Grande scents then you will really enjoy this one! The notes include marshmallow, pineapple, peach and of course, vanilla. How perfect?! I’ve also really enjoyed wearing Truffle Cream on its own and even better, layering that with Vanilla Candy for gourmand heaven!

Two gourmands – perfect for me!

I was also lucky enough to take home Marine and Velvet Crush. Sam (husband Sam that is!) and I love anything with a marine vibe and I look forward to giving both of those scents more of a test.

Thank you to So…? Fragrance and Essence PR for an incredible event and some beautiful new scents in my collection.

The little touches…
So pretty!
Fun with Suzy!
Thank you So…? Fragrance!

What’s your favorite So…? scent. Which of the Unique scents appeals to you?

Sarah xx

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