My Top Ten Celebrity Perfumes Right Now!

I’m no stranger to the celebrity perfume market. I think it all started for me because of how much attention there used to be around each and every launch. I didn’t quite get into J Lo Glow the first time around in 2003 (and the Elizabeth Taylor launches were before my time) but when the campaign for Britney Spears’ Curious began a couple of years later, I was interested.

Feeling Curious!

I remember a little postcard that I must have picked up in a ‘Boots’ store. It had a picture with oBritney on it and a peel-back sticker with a sample of the perfume underneath. Along with the TV and magazine adverts, the perfume arrived with an amazing array of products, including the very cute scented powder and the pump ‘perfect for a dressing table’ bottles. It all seemed so lovely and the whole range made it to my wishlist. I was so excited about perfume and adding to what was already a sizeable collection.

The ‘Curious’ shimmer powder…so lovely.
Such beautiful products…I just love that colour!

From that point the celebrity perfume launches came thick and fast, and it wasn’t just one scent per public figure; Paris Hilton has 28 and counting in her line today and even those celebrities whose ranges are now discounted had scents with many flankers a decade ago. It was in 2007 in particular that there were lots of launches of good quality celebrity scents. In the September I had started a new job and after work I would head to a little shopping mall to ‘visit’ Gwen Stefani’s L, determined to wait until my first pay day to purchase. Christina Aguilera’s eponymous scent was another good one, and before long I had a fair few of these scents in my collection. It seemed as though, when a new perfume was launched, there was always a big display in stores, ‘hype’ on the internet and in magazines, a lot of products in the line and potential for free gifts with the purchase. In Macy’s New York I came away with a hand cream and a T Shirt when I bought Britney’s Fantasy (oh how I wish I had the T shirt now!). Sadly even as long as a few years ago, I did notice that with an over-saturated market, each celebrity perfume launch became less exciting with perhaps a new product just seeming to ‘land’ in store – sometimes without even a tester. There was often a bit of a rushed feeling around the releases sometimes too; I know some perfume lovers aren’t too impressed when their favourite celebrity brings out fragrance after fragrance – it can be quite off-putting. Either the products have to be so great that they speak for themselves or we need to believe that some heart and personality has gone into the design and making of the fragrance! I know some people don’t like the idea of a celebrity fragrance at all, but for me my stance has been the same for the last few years. I will definitely be more interested if I like the celebrity (Katy Perry, Mariah!) but I don’t need to love them to think their fragrances are amazing – Rihanna! Ultimately I will try anything and if it smells good, fantastic.

Rihanna – a celebrity with a great collection of scents!

I wanted to create a “My Top Ten Celebrity Perfumes!” post but it proved impossible for me, so I’ve decided to look at this topic in two posts. Today’s will focus on (some of – I do have a big collection!) the scents I love right now and reach for, whereas next week’s will be more of an ‘All Time Celebrity Perfume Favourites’, including many of the scents which I love but are now discontinued. So…here goes!

In no particular order (that’s also for another time!) are:

1. thank u,next by Ariana Grande – The first scent that I tried by Ariana Grande was Cloud in Spring 2019. The scent was a real surprise compared to what I expected; strong, distinctive and with amazing longevity, so when I saw ‘thank u, next’ crop up online I couldn’t wait to try it. I liked the perfume instantly. I would say it’s more of a crowd-pleaser than Cloud in that it’s sweet and more feminine. The notes include pink rose,pear and macaroons. I always describe it as ‘yummy’ – that addictive kind of scent that you keep coming back to. That was why I kept trying it in stores before getting it for Christmas. I have really happy memories of receiving it for Christmas last year and that time. The bottle, like Cloud, is also very cute so it felt like having a new toy! I’m building my Ariana collection now and would like to add “Moonlight” and “Sweet Like Candy” into the mix. It seems that the Ariana scents get attention from a lot of people in the perfume community, and including those who might now always opt for celebrity scents usually.

thank u, next…addictive and yummy!

2. Stash by Sarah Jessica Parker – Stash is so different to anything else among the celebrity fragrance launches. The main note that strikes me is the olibanum; SJP wanted a ‘church’ type smell with this scent and the it really achieves that. Stash also has notes of grapefruit, black pepper and sage. It’s really loved among the perfume community and has been said to smell like niche-quality at what is an incredibly affordable price. One of SJP’s scent has also made it to next week’s list – watch this space!

3. VIP Private Show by Britney Spears- So a couple of years ago I had smelt the original Private Show and wasn’t a fan (crazy to think of that now – the coffee note in it is incredible!). However with the follow up “VIP” edition, I found a scent that I felt was much more ‘me’. I have used so much from my bottle of what is a fun, very sweet -smelling scent. I detect strawberry in what is in fact listed as raspberry along with mango, red apple, magnolia, woods and musk. I’ve seen 100ml bottles of this for a great price and think a purchase might be on the cards!

A typically sweet Britney scent – I love it!

4. Rebelle by Rihanna – I have written about this one a lot on Instagram. It’s in my top ten perfumes regardless of celebrity or brand and I’d really recommend trying it if you like gourmand perfumes. Rebelle is warm, sweet and spicy and the kind of scent I love wearing for evenings out. I think my bottle is my third one and I’ve reached for it in this past year even without the opportunity for night time meals out and events! Rebelle has notes of ginger, strawberry and coffee. The bottle looks good (and I love the red) but I must admit I find it difficult to hold!

Rebelle is perfect for going out…but I still couldn’t help but reach for it on lockdown days at home.

5. JLove by Jennifer Lopez- This perfume was a lovely surprise for me. I had been aware of the three scents by J Lo when they were first launched; JLuxe, JLust and JLove, but if they did make it the UK then it wasn’t for very long as I seemed to miss them. I found a full bottle of JLove on Vinted for an amazing price and while I expected a pleasant fruity floral, I didn’t expect to love it like I do. This scent is a real throwback to Betsey Johnson’s eponymous scent for me. The tangerine note is one that I love and it smells like something I want to wear for a day of shopping! Other notes include vanilla, orchid, sorbet and coconut.

A really pretty scent with an amazing tangerine note!

6. Sweet Darling by Kylie Minogue – I have so much love for this scent and the original Darling – I wish they were still available to buy! I should have bought “back up” bottles when they were still a reasonable price, but at least I have a very decent amount left of Sweet Darling. I find it funny to think that at first I found it too sweet – I no longer think there’s such a thing! – but now I love the mix of cotton candy and passionfruit. When I make my own perfume one or both of those notes will have to feature!

There’s no such thing as “too sweet”!

7. Diamonds Sapphire by Khloe Kardashian-
Last month I made an order on the KKW fragrance site, having been coveting some of those heart-shaped bottles since January! In an attempt to make the most of the shipping costs and have a big-old ‘we’ve had three lockdowns’ treat, I chose some other perfumes too. I must admit that it helps that I love Khloe and the blue of that bottle is beautiful. Happily I liked the sound of the notes too, and what I have now is a scent that’s a little reminiscent of Amor Amor and is another additive gourmand in my collection. Diamonds Sapphire has a marine accord, whipped cream, vanilla and my favourite of all – a panettone note! The trouble with the KKW fragrances for anyone outside of the US is the shipping costs as I’ve mentioned, but I really have been impressed so far with the perfumes I chose.

8. Heat by Beyoncé-

Heat was launched in 2010 but since then there have been so many flankers. The thing is, because the first scent is so good in my opinion, I almost feel as though there was no need for so many others! To be fair, I haven’t tried all of the other versions of Heat so I could in fact be missing out. The Wild Orchid edition does smell amazing and I added that to my collection recently. I was thinking of this line when I said that sometimes certain celebrities brought out new releases in quick succession. Let me know is you’ve tried any of the different versions. I love the original so much and it always remind me of buying it in Chicago. It’s great for evening wear and has notes of amber, tonka, peach, amber and magnolia. It’s like nothing else I own and because there are mutterings that Beyoncé is no longer with the same perfume house, I need another bottle in case it’s been discontinued.

The original and the best?!

9. La Bella by Samantha Faiers – I bought this after a long week at work because I fancied a treat and it was on special offer. This is another perfume that I had expected to like but not love. La Bella has an amazing biscuit accord which is the most prominent for me. There is also musk, vanilla and iris and the overall effect is so good. I found this one to be quite underrated but I’m glad that it’s still available to buy. It makes my top ten because I feel it’s so well done and for such a good price!

A biscuit accord makes this scent so good!

10. Rose Rush by Paris Hilton-

When I first saw the ‘Rush’ bottles I wasn’t immediately taken with them. That is, until I saw several collection photos online which had me loving how they look together as a set. I got to researching and found that Platinum Rush was a good price. That wasn’t enough for me clearly because within a week or two I had treated myself to Gold and Rose! Firstly, the Rose bottle looks SO much better than it does in the pictures. Beautiful colourful glitter. With regard to the scent, it’s the prettiest rose scent I own and with the addition of cedar and peony, the effect is refreshing and so pretty. I have had the Rush perfumes for a few months now and the novelty of the bottle design has not worn off – I love them!

Rose Rush – my favourite rose scent yet!

So that completes my “Top Ten Celebrity Perfumes Right Now!” I’d love to know some (or all ten!) of yours and look forward to hearing if you’ve tried any of my favourites.

Sarah xx

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