New Brand Review – Niche 4 All

I spotted the ‘Niche 4 All’ minimalist bottles online at the end of January and I was intrigued by the brand name. I wondered what would set these scents apart from other brands and how they really would compare to ‘niche” quality. After a chat with Johan I chose three of the scents to review. Deciding what to pick wasn’t hard; the names of their perfumes are simple and based on the lead notes and as I can never resist anything which includes honey, I opted for ‘Honey Tobacco’, ‘Pineapple Oak’ (I have felt similarly about pineapple in the last couple of months) and ‘Almond Vanilla’.

The brand currently offer a ‘3 for 2’ deal on their 30ml scents.

I gave all three of the scents a quick test the day that they arrived. I had an initial favourite, and then Honey Tobacco was the first of the three perfumes that I chose to wear for a full day.

I love this so much more than I thought I would!

Honey Tobacco smells incredible and having experienced its lasting power on what happened to be a day in London, it has definitely taken the lead. It has the perfect balance of sweetness and spiciness. It’s marketed as unisex but for me I find it slightly more masculine, yet still the kind of scent I know I will realistically reach for and find wearable. Honey Tobacco also has notes of jasmine, lemon, tonka bean, bergamot and vanilla. It has the kind of warmth and addictive quality for me that Roberto Cavalli’s eponymous fragrance has; something that smells comforting in winter but would be great to smell on your skin in warm weather too. The lasting power is also great and so is the projection. I did respray it throughout the day but hadn’t needed to as such because it’s nice and strong!

I can’t decide…

My next choice was Almond Vanilla. The scent has notes of cypress and violet leaf in the top, bitter almond in the middle and amber and vanilla in the base. When I first smelt this I felt like I was smelling a good quality scent,I just wasn’t sure that it was for me. I have revisited the fragrance a few times and appreciate it a little more with each test. I found a kind of ‘cosy’ quality to it,thanks to the vanilla and I really enjoy the woody cypress note. I think the issue for me is almond being a note I can enjoy in small doses. When I gave it to Sam to try he interpreted the scent as something more tropical and a lot like one that he enjoyed at university. When I asked him if he would wear it, “definitely’ was the reply!

My final selection – Pineapple Oak – didn’t disappoint me in the opening. The pineapple really comes through straight away and works well with the blackcurrant and apple for that “good enough to drink” quality! The fruit has a lovely contrast with the oak moss which gives a smoky effect.

Pineapple…contrasted so well with the woody notes!

The scent also includes jasmine, bergamot, amber, musk and vanilla notes. I pick up jasmine and amber but not really any vanilla. I really enjoyed wearing Pineapple Oak. It’s the kind of perfume you’d smell on someone and want to know what it is! I would still happily wear this to any occasion even though it’s marketed towards men. It helps that Sam likes this one on me! The projection isn’t as strong as Honey Tobacco but I love how the scent smells on my skin.

Overall I really enjoyed these scents and feel like the brand is worth looking at if you’re a perfume lover. I liked Johan’s explanation of the idea behind the brand which he shared recently; great quality scents which are affordable for everybody! The fact that there is an offer on is great too. My scents were a PR sample to review, but I love to see great value in brands and people being able to enjoy quality at affordable prices. The collector in me loves that the offer brings a great reason to choose three scents that you love. I chose to review these scents and enjoy them in their own right, but I know they have similarities with some well-known designer scents which is worth looking into if you’re after a dupe!

Which one of these scents would appeal to you? I’d love to chat in the comments!

Sarah xx

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