My Favourite Perfume Picks for Spring!

It’s March 1st and even though the weather is still very cold (and England is in the middle of another storm!) the sight of occasional blossom this week has got me very excited for spring! I love this time of year and because I don’t want to rush from one season to another I’ve deliberately held off from buying daffodils or Easter chocolate so far. However I feel like the first day of this month rings in a new start. I like spring in that it means milder weather but not the heat that summer (sometimes!) brings. I’m also easily swayed by the bright colours and flowers in the shops as well as the hot cross buns! I have been thinking about the perfumes that most suit springtime and here is the selection I decided upon.

My Favourite Perfume Picks for Spring!
Honey by Marc Jacobs

I have had the Honey scent on display in our bathroom for a while and every now then I have looked at it and thought how I would wait until this time of year to wear it again. The scent is beautiful and in my opinion, smells a little different on everyone. It’s one that gets a lot of compliments and the blend of honey with vanilla and pear works really well.

Tiffany & Love by Tiffany

Tiffany & Love is relatively new to my collection as it was part of our “his’n’hers” gifts to each other for Valentine’s Day. Along with being a brilliant (and conveniently timed) gift for that occasion, I think the packaging and pretty scent are perfect for spring. I love the Tiffany-blue so mine is displayed proudly in its box! The grapefruit and basil in this scent make it refreshing and not too heavy for this time of year.

Pink Peony and Cashmere by Bloom

I love this range! Having had several of the miniature scents in an advent calendar in 2018, Sam surprised me with Bloom’s 24 piece gift set as an advent calendar last year too. I have made an effort to wear this one as sometimes with my new scents it can take me a while to start wearing them often. This pretty peony scent is too good to ignore though and I love the classic, simple bottles.

Blossom by Jimmy Choo

I got this perfume for my birthday in 2015 and I’m so pleased with it. The scent includes notes of sweet pea, rose and musk and it smells as pretty as the pink of the bottle looks. It’s so perfect for spring and I love to spray lots of it. It was my scent of choice when we went to Devon for the weekend last year and now it reminds me of that time.

Covet Pure Bloom by Sarah Jessica Parker

I have so much love for the original Covet so it would seem a little strange if I didn’t enjoy Pure Bloom too. This one snuck into my weekly rotation last week and I had missed it so much.,,it’s beautiful! Tuberose can be a difficult note for me (a little headache inducing) but in this one I love it and it’s mixed well with amber and sandalwood. Plus…it’s lilac! It’s so perfect and once again really smells as pretty as it looks.

Spring Reign by Katy Perry

With a name like “Spring Reign”, this one had to make the list. This is a serious compliment-getter because it is extremely floral and pretty. It took a little while for the bottles of this range to grow on me but I think they work well with the pastel coloured perfumes. Spring Reign has notes of pink freeesia and gardenia.

Have you tried any of these perfumes? Which perfumes do you like to wear in spring?

Sarah xx

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