My Favourite Perfumes with a Coffee Note!

My Favourite Perfumes with a Coffee Note!

I think I first realised how much I enjoyed a coffee note when I smelt Black Opium. Some fellow perfume lovers had talked a lot about much they loved the coffee note in the fragrance and that played a big part in my wanting to try it. Now it seems it was also in some of my other perfumes all along! Now it’s kind of something I seek out which is why I have added a couple of lovely body mists to my collection too.

Black Opium by YSL

This scent is amazing! I love how the smell reminds me of the perfume section in a department store – maybe that’s because I feel like it’s something that could have been around in the nineties when I was first trying out perfume. Aswell as coffee, the notes also include pink pepper, patchouli, cedar and vanilla. The lasting power is great and I know that this will now be among my favourites for wearing in winter. The price is a little more than I would usually pay but I think it’s worth it for what feels like a classic scent and a luxurious bottle.

Rebelle by Rihanna

I have so much love for this perfume! There isn’t actually a Rihanna perfume that I don’t like but this one is my favourite. The scent is so warm and creamy. There are notes of strawberry, ginger, plum, vanilla and cocoa. It’s somehow summery and wintery at the same time, while I think it’s perfect for evening wear in any case.

Tropical Beach + Espresso by Impulse

This is one of my most recent purchases but I had been wanting it for a while. Tropical Beach + Espresso smells so good! The espresso is stronger than what I believe to be fruitiness but I love it that way and have enjoyed wearing and revisiting this a lot this month. I love that you can buy such amazing scents and combinations affordably!

Private Show by Britney Spears

Now this is a perfume that has really grown on me. It’s pretty and by Britney, so of course I bought it when it was first launched – but I didn’t love it. One of my friends from the perfume community had said that she really liked it for its espresso note and that made me revisit my own bottle. Once I could detect the coffee note, I appreciated it so much more! I have worn Private Show recently and enjoyed spraying lots of it throughout the day.

Prerogative by Britney Spears

Unlike my last choice, this is a perfume I did love from the beginning. Prerogative hasn’t yet made it to my top five Britney fragrances but it would definitely be in the top ten. I was happy to hear before it’s release that it was unisex scent, and I love the combination of apricot, espresso foam and sandalwood. I wear Prerogative quite often and have recently added the flanker, Prerogative Rave, to my collection.

Exotic by Layering Lab

I talk A LOT about the Layering Lab fragrances on my instagram page. They are so good and amazing value. They’re about £4 each yet I have collected a few of mine for £1.98 each on offer. They are said to be dupes of some well known fragrances and I’ll vouch that Exotic smells a lot like Black Opium and therefore it has made my list of perfumes with a coffee note. I enjoy all of the scents on their one but have recently started to combine and layer them too.

What scents have you tried with a coffee note? Have you tried any on this list?

Let me know,

Sarah xx

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