The First Ten Perfumes I Ever Owned!

I thought I would go back to the beginning and share the first perfume I owned at 13 right through to the ones I took with me to university! To think that in those days, while living in halls of residence, house mates would come into my room and remark on how much perfume I had…

The First Ten Perfumes I Ever Owned…
ck be by Calvin Klein

So the first perfume I owned was ck be. It was 1997 and I had asked for it for Christmas. ck one had proven very popular and yet when I tried ck be, most likely in a department store in my local town centre, I preferred it. I actually still love the smell and think it must be the cedar that stands out for me. I am partial to a unisex scent in any case and really want to buy a bottle of this again. I love how it takes me right back to that Christmas, crimping my hair with a Babyliss hair appliance and the Spice Girls being at number one…

Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger

I feel like perfumes samples in the nineties were more often than not the little vials as opposed to a tiny dab of scent when you pulled back a foil sticker…and I much preferred it! I had a Tommy Girl sample which I very happily took into school and showed my friends. I remember us smelling it in the corridors and it was so exciting waiting to actually own a bottle. In fact I remember the ad campaigns in magazines and feeling excited to even try it. I’ve always had a bottle since but must admit that mine could do with replacing…I would probably be more inclined to wear it then. I’ve since had a summer edition and I really enjoy Tommy Girl 10 aswell.

Hot by United Colours of Benetton

I can’t remember what led me to try this one but I know it was quite inexpensive. The scent is spicy and it smells a lot like Rise by Beyonce. The notes include mandarin,jasmine and orange.

Polo Sport Woman by Ralph Lauren

I received Polo Sport for my 14th birthday. I love how so many of the perfumes in my first ten reflect the sporty,nineties vibes. I even drew this bottle as part of an art project where I had to show a selection of things that I felt represented me! I really liked the smell at at the time but I do think the range that I had tried then was quite limited, so I was probably influenced by the brand names and advertisements.

Hugo Woman by Hugo Boss

I really did enjoy the smell of Hugo Woman and it’s one I used to revisit and sample in shops. My friend bought it for my birthday and I kept the bottle for as long as I could before deciding it didn’t smell like it used to. This shares the cedar note along with ck be and Tommy Girl…it must be a 90s thing!

Romance by Ralph Lauren

Romance was my favourite perfume for a long time. I got a bottle of it from my parents for my 15th birthday and with its water lily and carnation notes it was the most feminine scent I had owned so far. I had many replacements of it and only enjoyed it slightly less when there were so many other new scents to choose from. Sadly a very painful headache and the strong smell of it on my clothes was what ended my love of it but I have enjoyed lots of other Ralph Lauren scents.

Charlie Red by Revlon

I love how fondly people talk about the Charlie perfumes. Everyone it seems has a favourite and even better, they’re so cheap and still available to buy. A male friend surprised me by buying this for me for Christmas and I loved it. It reminds me of winter,coats and that whole time! The notes of violet, peach, amber and sandalwood work so well together.

Boudoir by Vivienne Westwood

I believe I got a sample of this in the summer when I was 16. I loved it instantly and again this is one which reminds me of coats and winter! It was so different to anything I had smelt and it was a whole year (well I was a teenager!) before it was part of my collection. It has remained in my collection ever since and I still wear it now. The notes include red rose,carnation and cinnamon – just beautiful,

Cristobal by Balenciaga

I was handed a card with Cristobal by Balenciaga sprayed on to it on a trip to Selfridges. I loved it – simple. It was so unusual-smelling and I find it funny to think there’s this aspect my taste – especially from such a young age – when now I own so many sweet and fruity concoctions! I must admit I kept on at my parents to buy me a bottle when I found it on holiday with them in Guernsey the next year. I was happy when I found out that Michelle from the pop group Liberty X was also a fan…no one else seemed to have heard of it! I’m so sad that this one has been discontinued. The notes are carnation,fig leaf,freesia and vanilla.

Baby Rose Jeans by Versace

I don’t remember buying this one,but I do know that I was 17 and took it with me on a sixth form school trip to Berlin. It’s so pretty and given the notes,it’s not surprising; orange,peach,violet,rose,vanilla and musk. Again, this has been discontinued and I just can’t understand why! I love seeing other people’s throwback pictures of the different coloured tins in the range. I do like the red edition so might have to purchase that one day.

Did you own any of these? What perfumes started your collection? Let me know in the comments,

Sarah xx

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