The Perfumes I love to Wear in Winter.

As soon as September starts it seem that everyone naturally looks to Christmas and the season ahead…I’ve done exactly the same this year and can’t wait to be wearing a big winter coat and embracing cosy vibes at home! The weather hasn’t quite adjusted to the winter theme yet but I’ve already been thinking about the perfumes I love to wear when it’s cold outside.I know there are some really good ones out there that I haven’t featured so please suggest any that are perfect for this theme.

The Perfumes I Love to Wear in Winter
Just Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli

The smell of this perfume is amazing and it reminds me of when I bought it on a trip to a New York. It is strong and somehow spicy…the sort of perfume you’d smell on somebody else and then ask what they were wearing!I personally find it perfect for winter but it could work nicely for evening wear at any time of year too.

Boudoir by Vivienne Westood

This perfume is very important to me because it definitely helped me to become as passionate about perfume as I am now!I must have been about 16 when I first got a sample and then my mum bought it for me in London as that seemed to be the only place we could get hold of it. Some of the notes include mandarin,red rose and carnation,but it is surely the cinnamon,vanilla and tobacco that make the overall effect so warm. It reminds me of the black coat I had when I first owned a bottle…it’s just such a perfect scent for when it’s cold as it’s warm and has so much depth! I remember getting a few compliments when I wore it frequently and writing this is making me want to wear it again.

Twilight by Sarah Jessica Parker

O.K. I once said that this reminds me of how a winter coat would smell. Whereas Boudoir reminds me of when I wore a certain coat! So I guess there’s something in the fact that our perfumes do linger on our clothes,jackets and coats. I don’t want to put you off with the word “musty” as I’m sure that’s meant to be a negative but there’s something really classic about this smell. The notes include bergamot,peony and musk.

Velvet Hour by Kate Moss

When I write “Five Perfumes I Wish I Could Bring Back”, this will be one of them! I think the Velvet Hour bottle looks so classic and pretty…like something Dior might design! The scent has a pepper note with freesia and amber. The overall effect is woody and smoky so you can see how it got its name and suits evening and in my opinion,winter wear.

Christina Aguilera by Christina Aguilera

This is a beautiful fragrance and for me the jasmine has always been the most distinctive note. It also contains plum,peony and vanilla and while it’s not particularly wintery, it kind of falls into that category for me because I can’t imagine wearing it in summer.

Bon Bon by Viktor & Rolf

Caramel,peach,sandalwood…if I didn’t already have a bottle of Bon Bon I’d be rushing out to get one after reading those notes! This scent is so sweet and so pretty. My only slight issue with it is that sometimes the bottle shape makes it hard to spray, but I think I’d rather have that issue and keep the lovely bow as it is!Once again this is more about my experience of the perfume than it being designed to be wintery; I think it just works well for me in the colder weather.

What perfume do you reach for when the weather turns? Which perfumes remind you of winter?

I’d love to hear from you,Sarah xx

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