My Top Five Fragrances for Evening!

There are definitely those perfumes everyone has that suit going out in the evening more than they do a summer’s day or a day at work! Of course sometimes we find those scents that are good for all occasions but my top five today are those perfumes that I really love to wear for an evening out or occasion.

My Top Five Fragrances for Evening

1️⃣. 212 Sexy by Carolina Herrera

I have so much love for this perfume!My first main memory of it was taking it on holiday in 2006.As I wrote that I realised that does kind of contradict my evening wear theory but this one really worked!It has such a beautiful smell and contains notes of caramel,pink pepper and musk.It is my go-to perfume for every special occasion now and because of that it reminds me of a lot of good times.I’m so glad it’s still available and it’s worth trying if you haven’t already.

2️⃣.Rebelle by Rihanna

While 212 is always my choice for special occasions, Rebelle has definitely been the choice for lots of dinner and drinks kind of evenings.I think this is my third bottle now and I think the notes of ginger,plum,vanilla and cocoa are so perfect together.There is something really warm and exotic about this that makes it so perfect for evening wear.

3️⃣. Gold by Kim Kardashian

I love this perfume! It was launched in 2009 and I bought it after I had already tried Kim’s first fragrance. This one is so much more my kind of thing.I was thinking how I find it really watery and refreshing and then I read a description of the notes that seemed to suggest that this had been the intention when it was created. There is a “burst” of bergamot, “dewy” violet and musk at the heart. There is something very glamorous about the overall composition and I’d say that the scent matches the bottle.

4️⃣. Can Can by Paris Hilton

I have always said that this scent smells like parties! It’s really fun,sparkly and sweet and was my evening choice around 2008-2010. The notes include nectarine,wild orchid and amber.Like a lot of Paris Hilton perfumes,this one has stuck around and can you can also buy a “Burlesque” flanker.

5️⃣. Glamorous by Ralph Lauren

I couldn’t possibly have written my list without this one.In 2003,when I had about eight perfumes in total, this was my evening choice. It’s probably a *little* like Kim Kardashian’s Gold now that’s on my mind but sadly since it has been discontinued I have not found anything close enough to it! If I could bring one perfume back, this would be it without a doubt. The notes include rose,arum lily and clementine but it is the attempt at a cashmere effect which is meant to have made it unique. I was living in Leeds at the time that I wore this so smelling it reminds me of that time. That’s another thing…as you can see I have my bottle as I can’t bear to part with it. After so long it doesn’t smell the same, but I’m sort of keeping it in hope that it’ll magically mean that it is relaunched one day!

What are your favourite perfumes for evening wear? Do you remember Glamorous by Ralph Lauren? Are there any perfumes that you wish could be relaunched?

I’d love to hear from you, Sarah xx

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