My Top Five Summer Fragrances!

So I have been absolutely loving sorting out my perfumes this week,from colour combinations to bottle designs and now a top five!This will be a theme I have and if there are any top five ideas you’d like to see,let me know in the comments!

Summer perfumes range from light and airy to anything that is reminiscent of the beach.Having decided my top five I’ve realised that my summer perfumes have some themes;warm,slightly spicy and smelling like something you could drink!These scents are amazing for hot days but I do like to wear something strong and summery in the colder months occasionally for a bit of a boost.

My Top Five Summer Fragrances

1️⃣.Acqua by Roberto Cavalli

This scent is just gorgeous.I bought it as soon as it was launched having already bought the original and I wasn’t disappointed.It’s similar enough to feel part of the line yet the lemon really brings it into the summer genre.I took this on a holiday to Spain and to me it smells like being by the water.It has a warmth to it and is perfect for day or evening.It usually gets compliments and even better,the bottle looks lovely on display.

2️⃣.Heat by Beyoncé

The smell of this will always take me back to my holiday in Chicago,which happens to be one of my favourite places in the world.OK,this sounds as though I’m always away but these are holiday scents and one way I boosted my collection without spending crazy amounts was to use holiday money to treat myself to new perfumes!Heat is just that. The notes include vanilla,tonka bean and amber and the effect is warm and spicy.I think this smells so lovely on the skin and I’d be interested to try the other Heat perfumes in the range.

3️⃣.Halle by Halle Berry

This scent is the beach in a bottle.Even the colour of the liquid reminds me of sand.I think it has been discontinued which is a shame because it’s so pretty.This reminds me of when I first bought it circa 2010 but also a lovely holiday to Venice last year.The notes include fig,mimosa and sandalwood.

4️⃣.Sweet Delicious Key Lime Pie by DKNY

This one is another collector of compliments!It does have a distinct lime smell and even though I love it I guess the reason it isn’t number 1 is I suppose it isn’t your usual kind of summer fragrance.I love wearing this because it’s so refreshing and I was happy to see a lime scent appear in the new DKNY Pool Party collection.

5️⃣.Sunkissed Glow by J Lo

Isn’t this bottle pretty?I have a few of the Glow perfumes (note to self;repurchase the original Glow!) and I love the way this one looks.I think it was the summer of 2010 I was wearing this a lot and I love coming back to it because to me it’s a nicely done coconut scent.If you like this one you’ll also enjoy Miami Glow.

Do you have perfume that you prefer to wear in summer?Do you have any summer editions of well-known scents?

I’d love to hear from you, Sarah xx

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