2 thoughts on “Sarah loves perfume…

  1. I haven’t tried any of those yet but I have always loved Viva La Juicy by juicy couture. The red and purple one by them are great too (had a mini set, & not sure on names). My new all time favorite is the Mon Guerlain, it’s heavenly! I feel like I’m in an incense store haha. By the way, you have the same birthday as my youngest brother! Happy late birthday!


    1. Ah thank you and that nice,hope he had a lovely day too!
      So I’m yet to try the Guerlain perfume but you’re second person to say how good it is this week…so thank you I’ll try it out!Ooh the mini set sounds nice.I don’t think I’ve found a Juicy Couture perfume that I don’t like xx


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